Technical and commercial management services

We offer comprehensive services in the field of technical and commercial asset management for photovoltaic and wind plants. These services are designed to maximise the efficiency and profitability of your energy assets, while ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and standards. Our expertise includes the following services:

  • Performance monitoring and asset management

    Our services relate to the monitoring and management of asset performance, covering technical, administrative, contractual and financial matters. This includes managing relationships and contracts with all players in the energy market, including maintenance companies, insurance companies, monitoring firms, financial institutions, local authorities and property owners.

  • Energy management

    We measure and sell the energy generated by plants. This includes selecting optimal power purchase agreements (PPAs), conducting compliance checks for producers and maintaining relationships with power utilities and traders, regulatory authorities, and TSOs/DSOs (Transmission/Distribution network System Operators).

  • Due diligence and transaction support

    The performance and functionality of renewable energy assets are subjected to an assessment that includes technical, contractual, commercial and management analyses. This support also extends to transaction assistance and the selection and monitoring of plants that might be of interest to investors.

  • Customised special services / support to development and repowering

    We will assist you in preparing plant valuations and purchases, review technical, administrative and legal documentation, and provide support in preparing and conducting external inspections. In addition, extraordinary maintenance, support to development activities and repowering campaigns are organised, and operational support provided to financial institutions for distressed assets.

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